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Providing application update feature to your DotNet desktop application requires a fair amount of planning and effort. Observation shows that many internal and external enterprise desktop applications are required to update as and when development teams enhance their applications. Consequently, even moderately sized applications can offer best user experience by delivery updates in timely manner without user involvement. Considering the importance of application updates to desktop applications, it becomes imperative to provide an intelligent application updater program to update software installed at client’s machine.

AppUpdater 2.0 High Level Understanding Diagram

The AppUpdater is XML based configuration driven, ready to integrate, simple and easy to understand piece of utility for DotNet desktop applications.

The AppUpdate is designed to provide a "no touch" solution to the problem of keeping .NET desktop applications up to date in enterprise and home user environments. You can use it out-of–the-box to perform the downloading and activation of updates for your applications. I intend to keep its implementation simple and straight forward, Application development teams or individuals can easily integrate AppUpdater with their existing and future .NET applications. Ship AppUpdater with your application and control it remotely through configuration files during software updates.


- Configuration Driven: That means it does not require to study its complete architecture and write lot many lines code to integrate with your application. You just have to understand AppUpdater's 2 configuraton files. That's it!

- User Orientation: Download your update files from online in asynchronous mode along with advertising your web site pages on updater window.

- Integration: You can tweak AppUpdater demo modules and quickly-easily integrate with your dotnet desktop application.

- Extensible: Write custom Pre and Post update actions in your favorite dotnet language and publish them, AppUpdater will run it on client machine when software update is taking place.

- Simple: Yes, we followed 'Keep It Simple and Stupid (KISS)' approach.

This component is the result of re-construction of legacy application updater component at SrushtiSoft's lab.
Any suggestions and contributions are welcome.


We have used this component in our prodcut called Quick Quest

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